About 3FoldCreate


Based in Liverpool, serving the UK and beyond, 3FoldCreate provide social media training & management, content generation and editorial services for small businesses and online publications.


Our approach


3FoldCreate specialise in creating content - copy and multimedia - tailored specifically for online publications, and using social media platforms to promote your content to the right audience, increase brand awareness and raise your online presence.

Using Social media can sometimes be daunting. Perhaps you want to increase the number of followers and build an active community, or you simply want to increase engagement with an existing community in order to increase referrals and drive audience growth. 3FoldCreate help our clients use the best tools to achieve their goals, giving them the roadmap to develop a highly engaged online community which translates into a loyal following, ultimately resulting in wider customer awareness.

We also provide a wide range of editorial services from copywriting to the development of editorial strategies. We can advise on all aspects of the editorial process including commissioning content and developing in-house styles for your company.


Our clients


World Review

Developing and implementing the social media and audience growth strategy for the World Review and Geopolitical Information Service websites.


Gravity Road

Copywriting for high profile national advertisement campaigns


St George's University of London

Overseeing the development and launch of the Cardiovascular Sciences Research Centre website at St George's University of London, UK. 


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