A bit about 3Fold


March 23, 2015 read

A bit about 3Fold

By Sian Claire Owen, Director, 3FoldCreate

This year brings about the new look 3FoldCreate website and a whole host of other major changes. So I wanted to take this chance to highlight these changes and tell you a bit about 3FoldCreate.

Essentially 3FoldCreate operates as a collective of freelancers who work across the creative industries. This means we can be very flexible in terms of what 3FoldCreate can offer – from copywriting, multimedia production, creating infographics, podcasts and providing editorial services, to more complex projects such as developing e-learning websites and social media campaigns. Basically, think of anything associated with online publishing and we can help you out!

Until Christmas 2014 I was involved with Geopolitical Information Service (GIS) as the Social Media Editor for the GIS and World Review websites. These publications were founded, and are chaired by Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, who is very active in the worlds of both business and diplomacy.

Geopolitics isn’t for everyone, and using social media to drive significant levels of traffic to such niche publications presented its own set of challenges. In all honesty I learned a great deal about online publishing from this experience. The take-home message being that producing great online content is only the start of the story. Making sure you hit the right audience and keep them interested is absolutely crucial. And this is a large part of what 3FoldCreate offers.

Other previous 3FoldCreate projects include designing and building the World For Libya medical education website VISTA which hosts live online tutorials for surgeons and health care professionals in Libya. This website was created for the World For Libya charity shortly after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Creating a robust online learning platform in this environment again presented huge challenges, but the website is successful and we are proud of our achievements and involvement with this project.

Amongst other projects we also created the Cardiovascular Sciences Research Centre website at St George’s University in London, and provided copy for the Sainsbury’s 2014 Halloween ‘Spooky Stories’ costume campaign.

So in a nutshell, at 3FoldCreate we have bags of hands-on experience and knowledge of online publishing. You can read more about our work here. If you think we can help your business, drop us a line for a chat!

- Sian