Getting social with Alaina Vieru from House & Garden


April 27, 2015 read

Getting social with Alaina Vieru from House & Garden

When it comes to managing online publications, social media is an important element of the overall marketing mix. When used in the right way, social platforms can help identify new audiences, which is crucial for start-ups and big brand publications alike.

Alaina Vieru, editor of HOUSE by House & Garden, talks to 3FoldCreate about her experiences with social media and what it means for her publication.

3Fold: How important is social media in the overall digital marketing mix?

I can’t emphasise its importance enough. It has opened House & Garden to a whole new audience, and is our second biggest traffic-driver after search.

Our Facebook page grew 15,000% year-on-year, and we’re now at 4 million ‘likes’. Crucially, these followers click through to our website.

We have seen up to 40,000 unique users come to the website from one Facebook post. We have even seen small spikes in digital downloads of our print version as a direct result from social media.

Similarly, we have globally famous fashion bloggers initiating contact with us on Instagram. I am not sure they would be aware of us if not for that platform.

3Fold: How do you find new audiences online?

We use a lot of analytics to spot growth opportunities and to make sure we are targeting the right audience.

For social, we tailor our strategy to each platform. What is successful on Facebook differs to Pinterest or Twitter. Discovering the best strategy for each – and then analysing the results – is as important as creating the content itself.

It also helps that all of us are obsessive about design, food and travel. We are aware of what other brands are doing really well and like to experiment.

On Instagram, some of our favourite accounts tell a story with each picture. When we switched to this strategy, our following jumped by a third in one month.

We always have an eye on what’s new, but closely monitor developments with existing platforms, as this can also prove beneficial for audience growth. It’s a moving goalpost. You always have to adapt and learn.

3Fold: What is the general dynamic on social media for House & Garden?

Because social media is such a huge traffic-driver for us, of course we put out a lot of content. But we want to find the best way to inspire our followers, so sometimes that means being more interactive or sharing something from another brand we think they will love.

For us, it is a way to make House & Garden – and the design industry as a whole – more accessible, so interaction is a part of that. Also, you must respect the medium. Online publishing and social media is more irreverent than print, so we adapt our tone to reflect that.

Check out the House & Garden website for some seriously delectable designs, and follow Alaina on Twitter!

It’s a moving goalpost. You always have to adapt and learn.

— Alaina Vieru, Online Editor, HOUSE by House & Garden