How a passion for property and savvy social media built an empire


June 02, 2016 read

How a passion for property and savvy social media built an empire

When Andrea Morgan, founder of Citrus Content and the woman behind the phenomenally successful @RightmoveAddict first got involved in social media she didn’t know much about Twitter. But her passion for property coupled with an appreciation of the value of good content and great engagement on social media has seen her rise to become one of the key voices in the UK property and interior design industry.

Here, Andrea tells us about her story, which not only is remarkable but is everything that Social on a Shoestring stands for!

3FoldCreate: How did you get started?

Andrea: Five years ago I didn’t have any social media experience. In fact I hated social media. But I did love looking at other people’s properties online. There was a competition that was related to property that I wanted to enter, but you needed to be on Twitter. I had dabbled, but I had no idea what it was. I didn’t get it.

Then, someone bought me a book by Mark W. Schaefer that looked at how to use Twitter properly. I was intrigued, I wanted to do something different so I built a following.

I called myself @RightmoveAddict, it’s what my mum called me because of the time I spent looking at property online! Some people believed it was a cynical move, but I wasn’t associated with Rightmove at the time, it was just a good Twitter name.

After a while, Rightmove contacted me for a blog, and from that another property company contacted me. After a year, my following on Twitter asked me to do a blog in my own right.

After the first year, my blog had over 100,000 views all around the world. From that I thought ‘there’s something here’, and I kept building relationships and people kept asking for advice. It gave me clarity in what I wanted to do.

But it was a steep learning curve. I was often working until 2 or 3am and on weekends, on top of my day job, to try to make it a success.

Eventually, after a year of hard graft I left my full time job. That was two years ago. Now we have a growing team and a good portfolio.

3FoldCreate: What is the one piece of advice you would give to people starting out on social media?

I think that people can get misled by numbers. They don’t realise that you can buy numbers in.

I wanted the right following – to connect with people who wanted to engage with what I’m talking about. You can have 3000, or 25,000 followers – but if they have zero interest nothing is going to work, there’s no point.

I would rather have a group of 500 highly engaged followers. If you can get that, then it is the most powerful marketing that money can buy. Word of mouth is the type of advertising you dream of.

With my business, social media is an integral part of what we do. The business can’t grow without it, and you have to get it right every day.

I think that when people are looking at social media, they need to be educated on what areas to invest in if they are looking to outsource. Don’t waste your money on packages that will not effectively add value to your business. The value in social media is how you engage and build the conversation. Those are the bits that work.

You can read more about Citrus Content and Andrea’s take on social media on her blog here. And you can follow Andrea on Twitter @RightmoveAddict 

The value in social media is how you engage and build the conversation. Those are the bits that work.

— Andrea Morgan, @RightmoveAddict, M.D. Citrus Content
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