So, what about that book then?


April 14, 2018 read

So, what about that book then?

Since Social on a Shoestring was published in February, I’ve not done much by way of promoting it. I’ll be honest, real life got in the way BIG STYLE – it has a tendency to do that. Things on the home-front are still intense, albeit slightly less insane than earlier this year. So on that note, I feel I should crack on with shouting about this bloomin book (only joking, I love it really). I also feel I should be honest about why I’ve been quiet – so apologies in advance for an unusually personal blog post.

To start at the beginning, why write a book about social media? Well, I know a lot about it. Apart from working in digital publishing for umpteen years, I have an MA in Online Journalism from UCLan, and I have worked on some weird and wonderful projects – from promoting a pan-European project about virtual patients for medical students, to working for Prince Michael of Liechtenstein on his foreign affairs and intelligence service website, Geopolitical Information Services. I have written Halloween stories for a Sainsbury’s online campaign, I used to write for Pure Weddings Magazine, I was a sideways-glancing columnist for the now defunct women’s lifestyle website iVillage.co.uk for four years and once I was nominated for a Cruise Journalism award after a stellar article based loosely on the most debauched week of my entire life. All digital, all online and all driven by social media.

Of course, once I had my daughter, my ability to take on the bigger or more exotic projects was curtailed. And when I became a single mum, my challenges skyrocketed. How could I rebuild my life, let alone my brand? I was fighting for my, and more importantly my daughter’s future. I needed to use everything I’d learned to build myself back up again, whilst struggling financially and juggling work with looking after a baby.

And that is how Social on a Shoestring was born. Because if I can do it in those circumstances, anyone can. I truly believe that.

So, starting next week I will be publishing excerpts from my book, including some interviews with the likes of Andrea Morgan from Citrus Content, Nikki Cochrane from Digital Mums and David Williams from Independent Liverpool, to name a few. There are tonnes of them, and I am forever grateful for their time and generosity of spirit, for taking time out for a frantic mum who was losing her hair whilst covered in jam and tears.

In the meantime, if you want to buy a copy (and I really hope you do!) it is available on Amazonand iTunes.

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose”

— Dolly Parton
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