Social on a Shoestring workshop was a success!


April 20, 2016 read

Social on a Shoestring workshop was a success!

Last week I held the first of many workshops that explore all areas of social media, from how to get started with your social strategy, to getting to know (and connect with) your audience. And it was a blast!

Social on a Shoestring workshops are aimed at people like me, who have a good working knowledge of social media but are low on resources – like time or money – or who need a bit of inspiration and some new ideas.

As a single parent trying to grow a business I fully understand what it’s like to juggle a gazillion plates all at once - preparing dinner, thinking about various social media strategies and making sure my 16-month-old daughter doesn’t bump into anything as she runs around the living room with a large plastic bowl on her head. This is why I feel I can share my experiences and help people get started on social media in order to help their businesses.

In the Social on a Shoestring workshop we touched on a number of themes, from best practice, short cuts and effective tips on producing great online content for next to nothing, to looking at strategies and measuring success.

There was a good turnout, with lively discussion and some great ideas. And from the positive feedback I received everyone left happy and raring to go with their new social strategies.

So, off the back of this I will be running a series of Social on a Shoestring workshops: some short sessions that focus on specific areas like getting to know your audience and measuring success, and longer workshops that cover blogging and producing multi-media content, etc.

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In the meantime it’s back to ‘That’s Not My Monkey”… 

Sian xx

I got loads of ideas and put a plan together. The ideas of planning a social media strategy seems much less daunting. Thanks!”

— Josephine Scales, Freelance Illustrator
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