When you're doing Social on a Shoestring you need to be brave!


June 03, 2016 read

When you're doing Social on a Shoestring you need to be brave!

Yesterday I ran a Social Media on a Shoestring Masterclass session in conjunction with Baltic Creative and the Liverpool Chambers of Commerce. And it was brilliant.

I had the pleasure of communicating my thoughts on social media to a fantastic group of people with diverse requirements and real enthusiasm to learn more about how they could use social (on a shoestring) to help their businesses.

You know the saying that everyone has a best-selling novel inside them? Well I think the same can be said for killer social media strategies. Yesterday's group exercises proved that.

The ideas came thick and fast, highlighting that even if you don’t think you know your stuff, if you focus and bounce ideas around you’ll soon realise that you know more than you know you know. You know?

It occurred to me that fear and uncertainty both play a big part in holding people back. I know this has been said time and time again, but I think the best advice I can give to anyone wanting to get to grips with social media is Be Brave!

Unfamiliar with various social media platforms with weird names? It’s OKAY to take time out and learn about them. That’s an important part of your planning.  

Worried that you are punching above your weight and you’re a small fish in an infinitesimally big pond? It’s OKAY to reach out and directly engage with the key influencers in your area. They could be interested in what you have to say. And if they don’t react, so what? No harm done.

Stuck in a rut over numbers and worried that you don’t have enough followers? Focus on the quality of your engagement and your content instead. It’s OKAY to start small, you have to start somewhere.

My dad once gave me some great advice. I was dealing with a very tricky work situation that was stressing me out. He sat me down and said, “Sian, what’s the worst that can happen? Are you going to die?” No. “Are you going to lose a limb?” I don’t think so. “Right. So what are you waiting for? Be brave!

Be brave. Best advice ever. That’s what I said to the attendees in my workshop and this is what I say to you. Be brave. Punch above your weight, develop those relationships, reach out and just do it.

Because social media can work really well when done the right way. And it can be enjoyable too.

I genuinely feel that the people who came to yesterday’s masterclass got something out of the session, and I look forward to watching their meteoric rise to Internet stardom in the coming months! #SocialMeteorites if you will.

So, if you are interested in coming to one of my Social on a Shoestring workshops, sign up to my newsletter for upcoming events. I’ll also put some top tips and other interesting stuff in there too, and of course, I will be shouting about forthcoming workshops on social media.

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Be brave. Best advice ever.

— Sian Claire Owen, 3FoldCreate
Be brave. Be a #SocialMeteorite.